Excellent alternative to autogenous and allogenous bone.

Bonefill Mix Poros 003 1 histologico 1s

The mineralized inorganic bone matrix of the Bonefill has a porous macro and micro structure similar to the human cortical and spongy bones. In granulate form, Bonefill Dense, Porous & Mix act as osteoconductive mechanism promoting bone growth and regeneration. With time, the Bonefill is partially remodeled through the action of osteoclasts and osteoblasts, being a viable alternative to autologous bone in defects suitable for its use and indication.


The highly purified osteoconductive mineral structure is produced from natural bone through a multiphase process, complying with the safety regulations established by the control agencies. The fresh bone is crushed, receiving a sequence of baths that solubilize the organic structures such as, for example, remaining cells, fibers and proteins, with only the mineral portion remaining this way in order to avoid the induction of possible immunogenic processes in the body.

The products made of mineralized bovine bone have an expected incorporation of 6 to 9 months.Ā 

Bonefill are extensively used in medicine and dentistry.

Due to the natural origin, Bonefill is comparable to the mineral and morphological structure of the mineralized human bone, it is biocompatible, does not present cytotoxicity, acute systemic toxicity, carcinogenicity and it is not a sensitizing product [ISO 10993-1].


The surface helps the absorption of proteins in the Bonefill Porous particles, enabling the efficient adhesion of the osteoblasts. This biological interaction enables a reliable bone formation.

bonefill.porous granules

bonefill.mix granules

bonefill.denso granules


The rapid and complete hydration with blood or saline solution is an important feature of the handling, new bone formation and clinical success. Its strong capillary action allows the rapid and efficient penetration of particles with fluids in the material, nutrients and blood through its three-dimensional network of the trabecular bone, resulting in excellent handling, application and predictability in daily clinical use.



Bonefill is subjected to a multiphase purification system that removes the organic material content from the bone. This process results in a Bonefill chemically and structurally similar to mineralized human bone (natural nanocrystalline apatite). Furthermore, it proved that Bonefill is biocompatible.





Courtesy by. Dr Danilo Maeda I6 months sinus floor augmentation

Courtesy by. Dr FĆ”bio MizutaniĀ I 6 months sinusĀ floorĀ augmentation

Courtesy by. Dr Danilo Maeda I 6 months split crest


Bonefill is recommended for filling bone defects and for volumetric increase in the following situations: increase/reconstructions of alveolar crests, filling of post-extraction cavities, filling of cavities produced by post-surgery treatment interventions of cysts, granulomas and other lytic, oral and maxillofacial and dental pathologies, preparation of implant and filling sites of bone dehiscence, besides bone grafts in maxillary sinuses and in the periodontal area it can be used in filling bone defects and to support the membrane during guided bone regeneration.


. Material Origin: Femoral heads of cattle

. Physicochemical treatment: Chemically treated - Receiving a sequence of baths [3 chemical process steps]

.Ā Appearance Dry state: Whitish up to beige

. Structure Density: Ā Controlled Inorganic particles of bovine matrix with high macro and micro porosity having a large inner surface area.

. Shelf life: 5 years

Ca/P 1,67

Macroporosity ~65-80%

Pore size ~100 ā€“ 600 Ī¼m

Integration Time estimated 6 - 9 months

Granule sizes 0.10 ā€“ 0.6 mm I 0.6 ā€“ 1.5 mm I 1.5 ā€“ 2.5 mm

Surface area measured by BET ~77,5 m2/g

CalciumĀ 27.52%-32.97% w./w.

PhosphorousĀ 13.56%-16.28% w./w.



Before After
IMG 9917 coĢpia 1 IMG 1037 coĢpia 1
131313 scaled 121212 scaled
151515 141414
IMG 0049 IMG 1181
171717 161616
191919 181818
IMG 1711 coĢpia IMG 3752 1




16001. Bonefill Denso [0,10- 0,60 mm] I Small 0,50g = 0,50ccĀ 

16024.Ā Bonefill Denso [0,60- 1,50 mm] I Medium 0,50g = 0,50ccĀ 

16026.Ā Bonefill Denso [1,50- 2,50 mm] I Large 0,50g = 1,00ccĀ 

16891.Ā Bonefill Porous [0,10- 0,60 mm] I SmallĀ  1,0g = 1,50cc

16892.Ā Bonefill Porous [0,60- 1,50 mm] I MediumĀ  1,0g = 2,10cc

16893.Ā Bonefill Porous [1,50- 2,50 mm] I LargeĀ  1,0g = 3,00cc

16955. Bonefill Mix [0,10- 1,50 mm] I Small/Medium 0,50g = 0,88cc

16964.Ā Bonefill Mix [0,10- 1,50 mm] I Medium/Medium 0,50g = 0,88cc